Fits all clients’ infrastructure and needs

All infrastructures are covered

  • Physical machines / virtual machines
  • Windows / Linux
  • Onsite / Offsite / Cloud storage

No need to learn several tools:

  • Exact same user interface
  • Same installation process
  • Same features

All business continuity phases are covered

  • Common disasters are covered with local backups.
  • Replicate backups offsite / in the Cloud and protect backup files from exceptional disasters and cyberattacks (should onsite backups not be accessible)
  • Backup files are tested automatically.
  • Companies can be up and running in 2 minutes after a failure.
  • Recover protected machines onsite or in remote using the Recovery Environment.
  • Possibility to go back to the original state and system.

Tests backups automatically

Many companies still fail to test backup files regularly! Why? Because examining backups takes too much time!

Our backup and DR solution automates backup testing and check backup creation, backup consistency and backup bootability!

Agentless backup of Virtual Machines

No need to install any agent on the guest or host machines!

  • Backup all Windows and Linux VMs
  • Compatible with VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors
  • Use minimal resources
  • Save up to 80% storage space with powerful deduplication
  • Compatible with agent-based option

Protects backup files from ransomware

Backup files are business lifebuoy! If they are corrupted or encrypted from a cyberattack, you will not be able to restore them!

We prevent ransomware such as CryptoLocker from spreading over the network, accessing and damaging backup files! How? Our BCDR options immediately lock access to backup files after their creation.

Disaster recovery costs are reduced

RPO: 5 minutes
Cut data loss down to 5 minutes for minimal impact on people’s work.

RTO: 2 minutes
Decrease downtime to 2 minutes even with no expertise with virtual environments.

Flexible licencing

Different forms of licencing, adapted to your way of working and/or adapted to your clients’ budget: Outright (perpetual licence), yearly subscription, MSP monthly pay-as-you-go formula.

Failover in seconds

Very intuitive and useful for clients to be up and running 2 minutes after a disaster even if the hardware is dead and there is no replacement available straight away.

Flexible restore and migration options

  • Restore files in seconds
  • Restore entire systems from scratch including OS, programs, applications, data and configurations.
    • Restore to similar or entirely different hardware.
    • Restore to same size, larger size or smaller size partitions.
  • Recover and migrate from physical / virtual machines to physical / virtual machines: P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P.

Legacy systems are supported

Even if many older systems have passed the End Of Life for its manufacturer, reality is they still exist on the market. Supported systems.