No agent on guest or host machines

Agentless backup solution for VMware and Microsoft.

Deduplication across VMs

Save onsite and offsite / Cloud storage space with the Inline Data Deduplication Compression functionality.

Instant switch-over in case of disasters

vStandby integrated technology creates and maintains standby virtual machines for instant availability in case of disaster. Clients are up and running a few minutes after the disaster occurs.

Ingenious iSCSI support

Utilises backup images as iSCSI targets to any local or remote iSCSI initiator for attaching backup images as local disks, and for seamlessly migrating live virtual machines booted from the iSCSI disk to a hypervisor.

Includes backup replication to offsite / Cloud locations

Integrates perfectly complete disaster recovery strategies that plan to have offsite copies of the backup files to protect from important disasters. Install ActiveImage Protector Virtual HyperAgent on any machine on the network to protect all VMs.

Restore across hypervisors

HyperRestore restores physical or virtual machine backups to dissimilar hypervisors for more recovery flexibility and easier migrations.

Backup to single file

Backup multiple VMs into a single backup image for easier management and storage.

Restore files in only 3 clicks

Recover any file or folder is very easy and fast.

Use it as agent-based for any hypervisor

Extremely flexible, ActiveImage Protector Virtual can also be used as agent-based backup solution for any hypervisor to protect Windows and Linux machines.

Supports Microsoftʼs resilient change tracking

For incremental backups of Hyper-V virtual machines.